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Metro Traveling Baseball

2023 Uniform Order Link

full length white baseball pants with thin, black stripe down the side of the leg

We are in the process of ordering uniforms for the 2023 season. The association provides each player will two jerseys and a hat. 

We will host a fitting session on Monday, January 30, 6-8pm, in the Rec Center Gallery Room. Please bring your player to be fitted for their jerseys and hat. 

Complete this order link no later than Tuesday, January 31st:

Families will need to purchase the recommended pant style for their player. For games, players should wear full-length white baseball pants with black piping down the sides (any brand is ok) and a black belt. Players may wear any style of baseball pants for practices. We recommend purchasing the pants soon as the selection gets very limited closer to the season.

Players can wear metal cleats at this level. 

If you have any questions on uniforms, please email Alana at



Registration for the 2023 SLP Traveling Baseball Season is still open! Please use this link to complete registration.  


15AAA     15AA  
Dominic Barth   Miles Blissett
Grant Haggerty   Nathanael Brown
Lathan Harmston   Aaron Hatlestad
Mason Helfmann   Nathan Lewis
Martin Hirte   Jack  Mobley
Miles  Jungroth   Marco Munoz
Theodore McCarren   Jacob Natzel
Jaxson McDonnell   Isaac Ravkin 
Logan O'Dea   Jonah Schwab
Josh Rickord   Grayson Sivanich
Isaac Schulman   Beckett Snook
14AAA     14AA  
Isaac Berquist   Hudson Bohl
Landon Evans   Liam Cowley
Colin Faust   Tyler Fahlin
Griffin Hanson   Ethan Forstrom-Courtot
Becker Hart   Mitchell Hoffman
Cam Jackson   Eli Koch
Wesley Marggraf   McEwen Lenzmeier
Nicholas Moran   Bren Mink
Braden Neudecker    Samuel Przezdziecki
Benjamin Otos   Sullivan Russell
Jack Runyon   Finn Shepherd
Alexander Contreras      
Ellanor Foreman      
Theodore Rich      
Evan Scott      
Owen Twedten      
Aiden Blumenfield      
Kian Donovan      
Teagan Goodermont      
Leo Miller      
Aaron Tix      
Anders Logan      
Luca Poehland      
13AAA     13AA  
Nolan Bilden   Kyler Althoff
Tate Carlson-Anacker   Charlie Berg
Caden Coulter   Isaac Carlson
James Newton   Logan Hass
Benjamin Rasmussen   Max Klawitter
Finn Rider   Mason Knuth
Caleb Schwab   Jack Maliszewski
Anthony Taybior   Luke Ritchie
John Turcotte   Luke Shepherd
William Venable   Arnie Yarosh
Rio Versalles      
13A - Orange     13A - Black  
Smith Durkin-Vozhdayev   Finn Driver
Brayden Falness   Nick (Hal) Gage
Casey Fladager   Wyatt Goodman
Owen McCoy   Cameron Hagen
Espen Mollet   Sullivan Hogan
Gunnar Peterson   Finley Keogh
Griffin Prevost   Noah Lewis
Preston Robinson   Judah Lissauer
Henry Small   Damian Martinez Salazar
Oliver Valesano   Eli Stangl

Slugfest Volunteers: Here's what you need to know!

Thank you for your help executing DK MEMORIAL SLUGFEST! Your support is amazing and appreciated! THANK YOU!

Here are a few tips to help with your volunteer responsibilities.

First, Greg Meyer (SLP High School Coach) created a video that covers field prep. The video is 7 minutes long and it covers everything you need to know to prepare the field for the next game. If you have any questions, this video should help:

Second, if you signed up for a Scoreboard/Field Refresh shift, the most important responsibility is to give the scorecard to the umpire before the game, ask the umpire to complete it during the game, and collect the scorecard from the umpire after the game. Upon receipt, please take a picture of the scorecard and text it to Jason Runyon (Cell: 612-387-0867) immediately after the game.

If you can help us complete this step immediately after the game, we will enter all of the information into Tourney Machine, and the teams will quickly know when their next game is scheduled (which could be the same day). 

Finally, each field will have a 3-ring SLUGFEST binder with blank scorecards, volunteer responsibilities, the MBT tournament rules, and our contact information if there are any questions that come up during the game/tournament.

Note: The only rules that are unique to our tournament are as follows (and they are also listed on the scorecard so that the umpire is aware):

  • All games will be scheduled at 1:45 (meaning no new inning after 1:45). The time limit is required to ensure all games can be played and completed over the weekend.

  • If the score is tied after 1:45, we will play 1 additional inning with a runner starting on 2nd base. If the score is still tied after the additional inning, we will determine the winner of the game with a coin flip.

  • The Championship and Third Place games will be played with no time limit unless weather or other schedule delays require otherwise.

If you signed up for a concession shift, our plan is to set up our stand before you arrive. The concession stand is a “cash only” business and our primary ask is you hand off the money/lockbox to the next volunteer team. If there are issues that arise during the day, please call Jenny @ 612-386-2361 and she will assist you.  There will be additional details regarding this shift at each site. One note-We are hoping 1 person from the concession stand can help with the field refresh between games (primarily raking the field). 

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks again for your help and support! Go, Park!

Slugfest Volunteer Requirements

The tournament, which runs over the course of two weekends – May 19-22 and June 2-5 – is the only required volunteer opportunity for SLP Traveling Baseball families, so it’s crucial we get your participation. We ask for the following commitment (per player/family):

  • Sign up for 2 volunteer slots/games (2.5 hours each)

  • Each slot is required to be filled by 2 people – 1 player and 1 adult

  • If families cannot fulfill the volunteer requirement, please consider the following options: 

    • Connect with your team manager to find others on the team that can fill in for your requirement. 

    • Buy out your 5 hours for $300 - contact Sara Faust at  

    • Hire a fully trained SLP High-School student. To do this, please contact your Team Manager for our student contact list. It’s your responsibility to contact the student, confirm their availability, and pay them (the going rate is $10-$15/hour). Once you confirm a student can fulfill your shift(s), please list the name of the students who will fulfill the shift in the comments section.  

St. Louis Park Baseball apparel is now available!

Many of the items have both youth and adult sizing options. 

Shop online at:

Go Park! 

Nels Martenson


Board Meetings and Elections

Our board continues to meet virtually on the third Sunday of each month at 7 pm. On Sunday October 18th we will be holding elections for all positions. 

If you are interested in joining the board or attending a meeting please email