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DK Slugfest

2021 DK Slugfest Participating Teams

13A (May 21-23) 13AA (June 4-6) 14AA (May 21-23) 14AAA (June 4-6) 14/15A (May 21-23) 15AAA (June 4-6)
St Louis Park St Louis Park St Louis Park St Louis Park St. Louis Park Orange St Louis Park
Edina Green Edina Edina Edina St. Louis Park Black Edina
Edina Gold Hopkins Hopkins Hopkins Edina Hopkins
Hopkins Shoreview New Prague Prior Lake Hopkins Prior Lake
Hopkins-A OMGBA Black Minnetonka Minnetonka Prior Lake Delano
Orono Orono Rosemount New Prague Minnetonka White Coon Rapids
New Prague Black PBWYBA Gold PBWYBA Gold Rosemount New Prague Spring Lake Park
Chanhassen PYSBA Saluk Rapids St. Paul Highland PWYBA OMGBA

Refund Policy and Inclement Weather

No refunds due to cancellation after April 15th unless a replacement team paying in full is found. If this occurs you will receive a refund less transaction fees.

If the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather prior to the start of the tournament each team will receive a refund, less $95.00 to cover administrative costs. If the tournament is cancelled once tournament play has begun, refunds will be granted minus the $95.00 administrative fee and minus $95.00 per game played. Any game that is started is considered a game played for refund purposes. If the tournament is completed to a level where state tournament bids are awarded no refunds will be given. 

Our first priority is the safety of everyone at the facilities. All games will be played to their conclusion if possible. However, the following guidelines were developed in cases where rain or other situations may persist for extended periods of time. The Tournament Committee shall determine the best method to conclude the event. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final.

Options may include the following:

*Games will be limited to five innings in an attempt to complete all games.

*Games will be limited to one hour in length.

*Only those games needed in order to advance teams to the Championship bracket may be played.

*Other scenarios may also be possible.

For teams/associations that want to sign up for the tournament, please e-mail Dan Steinberg at 

Division       Date
13A May 21-23
13AA June 4-6
14AAA June 4-6
14/15A May 21-23
15AAA June 4-6